Unlimited, premium quality, functional water at home

Enjoy having a Water Perfect® System at home with the best purification, mineral alkalization and hydrogen gas enrichment technologies

Just open your faucet and enjoy
healthy alkaline, antioxidant water.

Healthy and functional water

100% bacteria and virus reduction
0.01 micron membrane permeation
100% free of chemicals and heavy metals
Delivers up to 3000 gallons of functional water with guaranteed purity
Strong Antioxidant (-240 mV)
Water alkalinity up to 9.5 pH
Enriched with Molecular Hydrogen


Water Perfect®️ is a system that has been built under the highest quality standards, including technology from 5 different countries and 5 international certificates.

Health and wellness

You will get the best water for your body: with a higher load of antioxidants than green tea thanks to the added molecular hydrogen and also enriched with minerals to maintain an alkaline pH.

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With the most advanced filtration system at home, you leave behind the consumption of bottles and start contributing to a planet free of plastic.

Social responsibility

Clarity Perfect allocates 4% of its sales to Water Saves Lives, a social program that brings clean water to thousands of children in marginalized communities in Latinamerica. We thank all our customers for their valuable help.

Where People, Health and
Wealth Come Together

  • "Thank you so much for this amazing system. We have been looking for a good one for years but just couldn't stomach the price. We LOVE our water now and couldn't be more happy with our experience."
    Micah Winder-Pearman
  • "I was a bit reluctant at the begining, but I figured I,'d give it try and I am glad I did. I lost, by just changing my water intake from bottle water to water perfect system. I feel energized, I feel good, of course this is not the cure for cancer for it is way to keep your body in a alkalined.

    Service has been great too, from ordering all the way to the installation".
    Percy Saavedra Azañedo
  • "We are so fortunate to have found Clarity's Water Perfect. The sleek upbeat small design fits perfectly under our sink with lots more room than previously. We now are drinking mineralized (electrolytes) Alkaline pH water with a superb taste. We have it connected to our fridgel giving us two options to drink from while having the benefit of Alkaline ice too. Thank you for creating this affordable Alkaline water system and giving us the privilege of drinking it FREE!".
    Michael García
  • "Its a simple system no cleaning or dealing with an ugly machine on top of your counter with all these hoses and wires everywhere plus the you get amazing clean fresh mineral based alkaline water. clarity water perfect is AWESOME !!! And having the option to recieve FREE ALKALINE WATER is a no brainer . and i like that they give back to third world countries by providing water systems to these places makes me feel good about purchasing this system".
    Jaremy Panico

    Water Perfect



    Rent (Month)


    • Hydrogen-enriched alkaline water system for your home
    • Accessories (stopcock, hose and gooseneck faucet).
    • 30 day warranty
    • 5 cartridges (Filtration, Advanced Filtration, Ultra Purification, Alkalinization and Molecular Hydrogen).
    Where People, Health and Wealth come Together

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