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Health and youth with mineral alkaline water

Improve your and your family's health by drinking alkaline water with the highest purification standards. Water enriched with minerals for a supreme taste

Why say yes to alkaline water?

The sophisticated process of alkalinization by mineralization guarantees optimal support for the body. The benefits of hydration with alkaline water are a long-term investment in healthy living, starting today!

Blood pH balance

Increases blood Flow reducing its viscosity while accelerates muscle and tissue hydration.

pH natural blood state is slightly alkaline, small fluctuations can occur within normal range. Our body is a perfect machine who neutralizes blood acidity on its own, but what happens if we continue consuming processed products or high acidic foods full-time basis? We’ll have thicker blood.

So, let’s put things in perspective:

Our blood is the body’s messenger that carry the “packages” to every part in our system to each organ do their job: produce, absorb or disposal. If the viscosity of our blood is thicker the influx of it will be sluggish, hence, will require more blood pressure to accomplish supply throughout the body. In other words, our body its working against the clock. Due to our blood is 83% water, as many other organs in our system, an appropriate hydration it’s crucial every single day.

Alkaline water boosts your metabolism

More oxygen available to muscles improves fat storage burning, producing higher levels of energy: vitality is recovered.

The oxidation of sugars is the process in which our system gets metabolic energy. The human body is a small universe with a set of complex and sophisticated interconnected systems so, when we do not measure the intake of food, especially carbohydrates or proteins, our body does not get rid of it. Instead, the surplus is stored as fat. All these fat molecules go underneath skin in different body areas.

Each molecule is formed by atoms, depending on the type of molecule, it will be the type of atoms on their structure. A fat molecule (the stored one) is built up by a glycerol molecule and three fatty acids, combined they form a triglyceride. The process of oxidation consists in decomposition of the triglyceride components, then they're excreted; magic of weight loss begins.

Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant

Free radicals are neutralized due to antioxidants avoiding cell death and destruction.

Cells are incapable to survive without oxygen, but while they producing energy, a small percentage of oxygen is leave it behind to create highly reactive molecules called free radical.

Is a fact that we need balance, for example: our body produces naturally free radicals to help us against bacteria and viruses (small amounts), but, in a fast-paced society, environmental pollution, UV rays, and other external factors, we’re overexposed to “these little guys” who cause serious damage, that’s the reason why our bodies produce antioxidants to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals, however, poor diet and unhealthy habits day to day doesn’t contribute to improve our condition, we have to support the body by giving it the necessary nutrients.

Minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium are antioxidants that are easily found in food, mineralized alkaline water or food supplements.

Alkaline water supports immune system

Stimulates immune system’s performance producing enhance on the organs functioning.

Magnesium is such a wonder, this essential mineral nourishes body’s cells, thus, is necessary for life. Serves Immune System’s functions to strengthen defenses and diminish susceptibility to infections. In addition, this essential mineral deficiency leads to malabsorption of other nutrients, as well as an inflammatory response in the body which if prolongs in the body increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Evidence has been shown that magnesium is key to the production of antibodies.By reinforcing this system, you’re creating a protective barrier and if there’s an infection, your immune system will fight it to prevent it from being harmful to your health.

Exercise, sleeping well, reducing stress, eating in a balanced way and proper hydration with quality water are undoubtedly actions to boost this complex system.

Alkaline water detoxifies your body

Avoids the acidification of the body through toxins elimination, showing improvement on skin, nails and hair.

Toxins are poisonous substances make by microorganisms, and these interfere negatively with cells. In nature exists a variety of toxins such as those made by plants and animals, they use toxins to ward off an attack or depredate, nevertheless, in the human body, toxins can be absorbed when ingested or applied to the skin. Furthermore, toxins can reach the tissues when inhaled. Factors like food residues (after metabolism), meds, environmental contamination (smoke cigarette, cars, aerosol spray, etc.)

Oxygen availability is often a limiting factor for cell survival, so, if the cells are properly oxygenated allows better performance of them, in contrast with antioxidant, protects the cell from instability, so consequently, making the body cleansed from toxins, therefore, less poison accumulate, ergo, less acidification that creates an ideal environment for this type of microorganisms.

Alkaline water slows the aging process

Alkaline water provides a better oxygen production on cells catalyzing regeneration of them.

Blood stability and optimum oxygenation allow the cells to work accurately by performing their functions as growth, maintenance, producing energy and reproduction. Natural oxidation process is when a cell receive nutrients to produce energy, in the meantime, makes cell wear out. We are exposed to free radicals not only because our body produce them, but external factors such as environmental pollution, inadequate nighttime sleep, deficiency of balance diet, drinking alcohol, smoking, stress and other bad habits, even excessive exercise heightens levels of the free radicals damage, the results: premature aging.

To counteract the free radical effect on cells we need the aid of antioxidants. These substances protect cell membranes, work inside and outside of the body’s cell, we can find them on foods, supplements and alkaline water (mineralized, due to some minerals are antioxidants).

Alkaline water prevents chronic diseases

Neutralizes acidity in your naturally alkaline blood, preventing cellular environment becoming malicious.

Healthy cells have a better development in an oxygenated environment. It can be said that, if a cell is not well oxygenated, it resorts to its own mechanisms to try to survive. A cell with oxygen deficiency, weakens, mutates or can die, practically becomes "poison" in the bloodstream. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment. There is not known disease that evolve in an environment or alkaline state.

Previously we saw that it is important to support the body with antioxidants that counteract the oxidative effect of oxygen in the cells, but also the importance of purifying the body of toxins to keep the body in balance and an adequate cellular environment; While drinking alkaline water is a great start to a healthy life, it should be accompanied by a balanced diet, as well as exercising regularly.

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