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From utopia to reality

Our dream is to reached out more people and encourage community to be solidary for a greater good!

The dream was born from an early age, and it materializes as Clarity Systems R on February 1999 in Mexico City due to a major concern coming from the CEO and chemical engineer, Martin Reed The concern was and still is, human health and environment. To solve this matter was developed a cutting-edge technology to use natural resources and optimize them to human beings without affecting environment. Our stellar product: purified and alkalized water which comply with the highest quality standards.

Clarity Perfect TM is a subdivision of Clarity Systems R. Clarity Perfect was set up with the main purpose of focusing on customers welfare, not only to bringing ultra-pure mineralized water benefits but the opportunity to get free service.

We’re greatly proud for no using disposable plastic bottles or selling you water that you already have in your house, we provide the quality of an innovative technology which exponentially improves the quality of the natural resources in the comfort of your home.

Last but not least: referring to water technology, the way cartridges work to obtain pristine water with necessary nutrients, imitating the natural filtering and mineralization process of the mountains is remarkable.

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We provide innovative products that bring health, wellness, financial growth and enviromental awareness straight to your home and business.

Kenko Mizu
What if you could prevent all chronic degenerative diseases? Learn what world's best ultra pure, therapeutic, diatomic hydrogen technology can do for you.

People's Net
Earn money by recommending or sharing with your friends the best products through your own social media and across endless websites on the net.

Water Saves Lives
We help to provide the right to clean water and adequate sanitation for children in developing countries.
Where People, Health and Wealth come Together

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