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Undersink valve


Countertop Faucet

Stage 1


High density, food degree, multilayer polypropylene prefilter efficiently retains suspended solids, organic material, mud, asbestos, oxide, dust, and other particles down to 1 micron recovering water clarity and transparency.
Stage 2

Advanced Filtration

The world’s finest Granular Activated Carbon Kuraray and certified by the NSF retains chlorine, chloramine, arsenic, trihalomethanes and up to 800 different disolved water pollutants for achieving exceptional taste and a higher grade of purity.
Stage 3

Ultra Pure

Kortech Polysulfon membrane with semipermeable capacity allows water passage through its 0.01 micron pores eliminating bacteria, virus, cysts and fungus. The membrane special composition destroys microorganisms effectively.
Stage 4. Alcalyt

Mineral Alkaline Water

Alcalyt creates alkaline, mineral essential, hydrogen rich water with excellent flavor just as it occurs naturally.
Stage 5

Molecular hydrogen enrichment and inhibitor

The world’s finest Granular Activated Carbon Kuraray eliminates VOC's, retains MTBE, absorbs tastes, odors, other organic matter and up to 300 different chemicals dissolved in water for achieving exceptional taste and a higher grade of purity.

Leak Detector



12 month warranty

on all manufacturing defects

30 days

satisfaction guarantee

Water Perfect®

Alkaline, ultra pure, hydrogen enriched water system for your home.

One Payment
$497 USD
Canada residents + $49 USD exports fees.
$45 USD
for components, water quality and company
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Hard Water Kit

You will need to include Hard Water Kit for your Water Perfect if:

  • Your water hardness is above 400ppm of Calcium and Magnesium
  • Air drying your glass and cristal dishware leaves white tartar spots as a residue
  • Tartar rings form on your toilet
  • Your coffee pot and showers are constantly clogged
  • You know about specific pollutants in your water such as arsenic (normally regulated by your local water commission)
  • You have blood pressure problems, kidney stones, varicose veins or you are undergoing hemodialysis
  • You need a Hard Water Kit if you have a water softener
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