Alkaline water, natural or artifcial?

We care about brands, we care about what says on the product label without question ourselves for more, or even better, do you check if product does really work according what ads claim?

Remember: all that glitters is not gold. Do we really know what we consume? Specifically, on water, do you know if what you´re drinking is a high-quality product or if every water who is labeled as alkaline water is good for your health?

Every day we found countless articles in our browser about water and their benefits. Recently, we see articles of ionized alkaline water, this type of water is considered artificial due to its chemistry composition that makes a significant difference from natural alkaline water, important dissimilarity caused by their alkalize processes

What is the difference between natural alkaline water from an artificial one?

An alkaline pH in water can be the result of natural or artificial conditions. This means that when a type of water has a pH of 9.5 can be healthy or harmful, depending on the process how it became alkaline.

The alkaline water we found on nature has its properties thanks to seeping through rocks, carrying in essential mineral on the process. On the other hand, the ionized alkaline water become that way by applying electricity, this split water molecules. Also, acid minerals from water with chlorine are getting boosted by this procedure and aren't beneficial as alkaline minerals.

This means, alkaline water by mineralization has the benefits from alkaline minerals without chlorine and acidic minerals, becoming the water that the body needs.

Ionized water is indeed alkaline, but it’s not alike from the one got alkalized with minerals, why? Let’s see an example: milk and soda are acidic, but one provides calcium, whereas soda is corrosive. Now, if we set mineralization against ionization, we´ll see that: Artificial alkaline water, does offer hydration and some sort of antioxidants, but in a long-term ionized alkaline water changes the pH in acidic organs like intestines and the stomach to alkaline. (link: Why es gastrointestinal health important?)

I think we had said enough about why it’s better an alkaline water by mineralization simulating nature than those who disrupt the harmony to achieve a specific pH. Ionized water, should not be used as water for daily consumption as it can cause alkalosis and damage to your body. If you prefer ionized water, we strongly recommend you to measure the pH of your body and regulate the consumption.

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