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The problem with plastic bottles

Our planets pollution is far from being solved. The garbage continues accumulating in huge amounts with no end in sight, choking our seas and rivers, and killing millions of sea animals.

The plastic waste which degrades very slowly and liberates substances which are highly toxic, are causing alterations with fatal consequences to our natural ecosystems.

Why so much Plastic?

Today, it is impressive how many bottles of plastic are on the planet and we continue to produce more daily, without pause.

Worldwide over 1.2 million plastic bottles are produced every minute. This means a container of the size of the empire states every third day!

Bottled water pollution

Thanks to a group of activists, who made it known in a report, we know that companies like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Unilever and others are responsible for the annual production of 57 million tons of plastic bottles.

But, we are all guilty.

It is important to understand that the main problem lies in the trash we generate when buying water and other drinks in plastic bottles. Most drinks are bottled in plastic which we only use once and then throw away.

Bottled water pollution

Bottled water is not as safe as they try to make us think and it can cause serious health problems due to various reasons, like being exposed to the sun, being kept for a long time on the shelves and the type of plastic (PET) being used which can significantly contaminate the water with chemicals like bisphenol A and microplastics.

Changing Our Habits

What happens with plastic bottles is a serious problem, but it has a relatively simple solution. It is enough to change some of our habits like changing the way we get our drinking water and how we transport it.

Did you know...

A good water purifier at home helps avoid plastic water bottles which have to be transported by vehicles which additionally pollute our air with the fuel they use.

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Do more for the environment,

Using a stylish reusable water bottle, helps reduce the plastic bottles used. It is cheaper and more convenient as you can fill it up at home or at the gym.

Having fresh drinking water at home always, helps your family to avoid bottled drinks, reduces calorie intake automatically, spares us from the plastics and we can save some money while living healthier.

Bottled water pollution
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Don’t be the problem, start with small changes and be a part of the solution.

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