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Why do we need to save the amazon?

The destruction of the Amazon, seriously contributes to worsen the actual climate crisis.
The fires in the Amazon have captured the attention and the conscience of the whole world.

We all know that in the Amazonas area, the burning of fields is an agricultural and farming practice to continue the expansion into the Amazon forest.

The actual position of the Brazilian Government, is encouraging the farmers to continue their expansion into the Amazon forests in search of satisfying their demands.
If this continues, more businesses will see it as a lucrative opportunity for their activities and more fires in the Amazons are sure to follow.

The greater incentives that causes fires and deforestation, come primarily from huge Companies who produce meat and food as for example soy for breeding and feeding animals.
We have seen the impact that these companies have, not only in Brazil. Bolivia and Paraguay have burned more than 2million hectares.
These Companies are huge, strong and have enormous lobbying budgets. They answer to no one, but the consumers demand and profit generation.

amazonas incendio

The largest tropical jungle in the world and its incredible biodiversity is in grate danger. The animal species with the biggest risk is human itself. The forest fires and the climate change operate in a vicious cycle. As the amount of fires increase, the emissions of gases increase the local temperatures and this change in conditions causes the amount of rain to be less.
Meat production on the contrary needs enormous amounts of water, up to 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef meat.

Start eating less meat to save the planet.

This petition comes from the United Nations as an initiative to help humanity to avoid a catastrophic future scenario.
The decisive report on the links between global warming and land use presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) sends a clear message to the world population: we must change to more sustainable diets to contribute to the salvation of the planet.

It is urgent to reduce deforestation, and with it agricultural and livestock overexploitation, in a world where man affects 70% of the land and 500 million people living in arid areas are increasingly vulnerable.
This, together with the increase in the world population, requires a better rethinking and planning of food production, and therefore changing global consumption models, with 2000 million people being overweight while another 800 million are malnourished.

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Almost all the effort (in the fight against climate change) was so far in sectors such as industry, transport or energy, when food, soils and land play a key role.

We are all responsible and have to care about our environment.

As you can see, not only the fires, but the causes of the fires in the Amazon require urgent attention.
We also see it in the United States, because of the same situation our forests are threatened. We must ensure that this situation does not continue.
Agriculture and livestock are necessary activities for the lives of humans, but it must be considered that 2/3 of agriculture is to feed livestock, not humans.

Amazonas Incendio
Did you know...
If you stop eating meat only one day you save 4m squares of rainforest, 4,000 liters of water, 11 Kg of CO2 that are emitted into the atmosphere and 27kg of grain to feed cattle.
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